Viewer voting 2023

Dear viewers of the 11th season of Simsovision, welcome to the audience voting!

Today, your task is to compile a top-12 list of performances among the participants, where the 1st place will be occupied by the act you consider the best in the competition. Please note that you can choose each city only once (with the exception of special nominations).

We ask you to approach this task responsibly and honestly. Please do not abuse your votes, do not use fake accounts, and do not violate the competition’s rules. Violations may result in the nullification of your votes and penalties against the participants.

Also, we’d like to point out that giving a city the 12th place does not mean it’s the worst performance. It simply indicates that this city is in 12th place in your personal ranking.

Special attention and detailed responses are requested for the three cities that have earned the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places. Commenting on them is mandatory. Share with us why you think these cities are deserving of such high scores. Additional comments are optional.

Thank you for your participation in Simsovision! Let’s make this season unforgettable for our participants. Vote respectfully and sincerely!

Let’s go!

Main voting

1st place (12 points)

2nd place (11 points)

3rd place (10 points)

4th place (9 points)

5th place (8 points)

6th place (7 points)

7th place (6 points)

8th place (5 points)

9th place (4 points)

10th place (3 points)

11th place (2 points)

12th place (1 point)

Voting in nominations

Best Male Look

Best Female Look

Spirit of the city

Best Stage Decor

Audience Award

By clicking the "Submit Vote" button, I agree that my vote will be published publicly and signed by the name that I indicated when filling out this form.

Voting is closed!

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